The Irish Grain Assurance Scheme (IGAS) is owned by the Cereal Association of Ireland (CAI) and operated by CropSure Ltd. The CAI is an umbrella group for all interested parties in the production, processing and marketing of grain in the Republic of Ireland.  These parties include the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAF)TeagascIrish Grain and Feed Association and the Irish Farmers Association


The Scheme is unique in Europe as the most comprehensive system of grain traceability with 90% of all traded grain in the country covered by the scheme.

IGAS is the accepted standard for production, transport, handling and storage of the Irish cereal crop. It is required by the :

  • Brewing and Distilling Industry
  • Flour Millers
  • Oatflake Manufacturers
  • Animal Feed Manufacturers
  • Pea Processors
  • Grassmeal Manufacturers
  • Irish Seed Assemblers


IGAS divides its members into three categories:

  1. Production Only – This applies to growers who sell their grain directly from the combine. Members are required to keep all records for the growing, harvesting, and transport of the crop to market.
  2. Production And Storage – This applies to growers who store their grain to be marketed later in the season. Members are required to keep all the records above for the crop and also records for cleaning, drying, monitoring of the grain in storage, outloading and transport.

  3. Storage Only – This applies to members who purchase grain from growers and store it for marketing later in the season. Members are required to keep all of the above records and to purchase grain only from assured members of the scheme.