Production only: Members are audited randomly on a 5 year rotation by CropSure personnel

Production and Storage:  All grain in storage is audited every year.

Storage Only: Audits are conducted annually by suitably qualified auditors and are based on a HACCP type Food Safety audit.


The following are the assessment sheets used by IGAS auditors:

  • Grower Audit Sheet 2018/2019 – This is the checklist used for members who just grow grain and sell it direct from the combine.
  • Farm Storage Audit Sheet 2018-2019 – This is the checklist used for members who store grain on-farm to be marketed later in the season. (These members are also subject to the Grower Assessment Checklist above)
  • Corrective Action Form – This is a list of corrective actions agreed between the member and the auditor to be completed within an agreed time limit.