The following are the details of all records that must be available for audit. A member may download any record sheets if he/she wishes to augment their record book at any time where necessary. Any member requiring another record back should contact head office.

  • Record Book: Records should be kept for a minimum of five years. The comments section should be used to record the PCS number of any chemicals used. Field records can also be maintained using Teagasc’s computerised field records:

Teagasc Computerised Field Record Book

This free and simple to use computer based recording system will enable growers to easily input and store information of all the crops on the farm. Margins can be compared between fields and across the farm. Information can easily be taken and used in the Teagasc e-Profit Monitor Programme for further analysis.

Download Teagasc E-CRoP instructions (205 KB PDF format) – instructions on how to use the programme
Download Teagasc E-CRoP programme (820 KB Excel format) – Updated March 2008




  • Delivery Dockets: A delivery docket must accompany each load supplied to market from all IGAS approved stores.